Succinct Ideas for Writing an Argumentative Essay on Cyber Bullying

Succinct Ideas for Writing an Argumentative Essay on Cyber Bullying

Your college professor has asked you to write a succinct argumentative essay on cyberbullying. And as a student, you need to master the best tips on how you can write an essay that earns the best grade. But you must understand what cyber-bullying is; it’s impact and how it’s perpetrated before you started writing the essay.

It’s the recent form of aggression that is being perpetrated via social media and e-technology. Cyberbullying is being used mostly among students in college, high school and even small kids have been victims of the crime. Just like traditional bullying, cyberbullying is based on power imbalance where one party feels superior to the other, therefore harasses and embarrasses the other person. But unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying can be projected to anyone anywhere provided they can be accessed via e-technology. It gets worse since it’s difficult to punish criminals and prevent crime because they often use anonymity as their identity.

When you will be writing an argumentative essay on a topic like cyber-bullying, you must remain vigilant that you don’t annoy your audience. Your points of argument must be fully credible and logical because at the end of the day you must see that your argument wins.

The Three Fundamental Guiding Questions

You can be guided by three questions when writing an argumentative essay on cyber-bullying.

  1. What are the causes of cyber-bullying?
  2. Why should we prevent cyber-bullying?
  3. What can we do to prevent it?

You can pitch your argument in line with these questions to build a formidable argument about cyber-bullying. If you exhaustively answer the questions plus other micro-questions under each question, then you are home and dry with the essay.

The Dos for Writing a Good Argumentative Essay

The following are the ideas you must have and employ in your essay so that you write and communicate well when arguing your points out.

  • Understand your topic well. Ensure you have carried out a wealth of researches on the topic of cyberbullying and gather facts. Read about proponents’ viewpoints about the topic so that as you pick your stand knowing what the opposing viewers believe.
  • Understand your audience. Who is going to read your essay? Will they find anything offensive with your essay? What are their background and culture? Once you fully understand your audience, then you will know the tone that will make your argument appreciated. The aim of an argumentative is to prove that how you view the topic is right so that you win people to ascribe to your view and you can’t do this when you offend your readers.
  • Be succinct but logical. It’s the killer secret, just remain relevant by being brief, concise and straight to the point. Don’t water down your main points by pulling unnecessary and fluffy arguments that add no substance to your essay.  Be logical, have flowing facts because of this an academic work.
  • Use credible sources only. It’s an academic work so baseless innuendos, and opinionated insinuations which are not scientific don’t apply. Ensure you reference your work professionally, only citing credible literature.

The Don’ts When Writing an Argumentative Essay on Cyber Bullying

There are things that you are likely to do which you should avoid at all when writing an argumentative essay on cyberbullying.

  • Don’t appear to be supporting cyber-bullying. It’s in the full glare of everyone that cyberbullying is a crime, and those who perpetrate it are criminals. You can’t, therefore, do justice to your reputation and your academic life by supporting it. Sometimes you have been a victim of cyber-bullying, and you are planning on an act of revenge, don’t wipe emotions on your higher education essay assignment. Remain sober and write your essay based on research.
  • Don’t use jargons that may put off your reader. Even if you’re an IT guru, keep away the technical terms from your essay writing. Be simple and succinct.

If you master these tips, you can write a terrific essay. Better yet, you can order for professionally and succinctly written essays from Us.