Help on How to Write a Succinct Informative Essay on Cyber Bullying

Help on How to Write a Succinct Informative Essay on Cyber Bullying

There was a time when the use of social media to communicate with friends and relatives was safe. But this was an era when technology had not sophisticated. One could send an email or a text message via phone to another person, and the communication was reliable. But as technology got modern and advanced, it has brought with it a lot of other challenges. And cyberbullying is one of the challenges we grapple with.

There are those alleged criminals called bullies who can use social media to harass and embarrass you. They can send threatening messages and emails to the targeted person for their agenda. College students also experience this crime, but even celebrities and government officers face the torment of cyberbullying. 

Help on How to Write a Succinct Informative Essay on Cyber Bullying

Why Cyber Bullying Has Increased So Fast

An emerging trend and faster growth of cyber-bullying are appalling. Experts hold that it can be a worse form of bullying compared to traditional bullying. Why? Today, we live in a global village, and you can get anyone from anywhere across the world provided they are on a social media platform. Which means reaching a victim has become more accessible today than before.

Essentially the intention of a cyber-bully is always to harm, victimize or torment another person via the use of e-technology. And the effect of cyberbullying cannot be overlooked. Depression, anxiety and other disorders related to stress are commonly caused by cyberbullying. There is also a small percentage of suicide among children as a result of cyberbullying. Kids don’t find home a haven anymore. While the kids may evade bullying in school but tormentors are likely to reach them through text messages or via email when they are at home.

Cyber-crime has permeated through every medium of communication in the cyberspace. Reports have found that more cyber-bullying incidences occur where teenagers congregate. Students are into using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube among others. Voice chats, video chats and texting via mobile phones and tablets have created a conducive environment for an ambush by cyber bullies. The platforms where most youths hang out have been the primary targets by bullies.

Factors That Have Motivated Cyber Bullying

But some factors are likely to instigate the motive for cyberbullying. One of the main reasons is always revenge. Often time, you find that if someone has been a victim of cyberbullying, he/she will want to practice the same on someone else in the spirit of revenge. So that one begins a mission of pursuing new targets who are weaker, and this is how they perpetrate cyberbullying.

Also, there is a group of cyber-bullies who are motivated by ego; they always want to boost their ego. A sense of feeling superior is what drives most of the cybercriminals, that they can harass someone and never facing any punitive action. They always do it prove to their friends that they are indomitable. There is also a class of cyberbullies, who are just attention-seekers. Perhaps these kind of people are starving from the attention which they never got from their family when they were suffering, therefore they are out to get it from anyone else especially from well-known figures in society.

Parting Shot

In a nutshell, people from all walks of life and different ages face the torment of cyberbullying. Both the aged and young get bullied and feel scared and harassed, and overwhelmed. But it gets worse when someone who is bullied and doesn’t get support. Sometimes the fear of being judged, misunderstood and ignored have made many kids not to confide in their parents when they are cyber-bullied. Therefore, everyone should be rearmed psychologically to counter the menace which seems to continue spreading like bush fire. From high schools to universities to workplaces, cyberbullying continues in vicious cycles. In need of informative essay on cyber bullying? Click on order now and enjoy the experience.