Succinct Writers Emotional Speech Topics

Succinct Writers Emotional Speech Topics

Speech writing has been with us for time immemorial. It’s an art that has been used on several occasions to sway people, move, enlighten, provoke and inform people about certain things. Great leaders demonstrated their prowess of governance and grip of leadership by delivering remarkable speeches. Today, we have a lot of speechwriting skills that are taught in our colleges and universities. And the higher education systems have come up with essays that enable college students to exercise their skills and develop quality and succinct speech writing skills.

A speech is a sure weapon that can be used to wield an emotional influence upon an audience. A good speech has to be succinct in its packing and also detailed with rich but credible information. You won’t make a remarkable speech by puffing up information and misappropriation of facts. No. As I have always advised, your sources of information must be not only credible but also authoritative.

Emotional Speech Topics in 2019 - Succinct Writers

Understand the Type of Speech You Are Writing

There are various types of speeches; there are informative speeches, argumentative speeches, and persuasive speeches. While there are other types of speeches but higher education essays mostly are based on these classes of speeches.

These speeches have a different tone, styles and how you should go about them is a bit different. You must comprehend the first before you embark on writing. Therefore, as a diligent student, you must understand which type of speech your professor expects from you.

How Can I Come Up with a Succinct Speech Topic?

As a college student, you always face the most daring question: how to construct a suitable and succinct emotional speech topics. Remember your speech can be read to a small gathering, a big audience or by one person. And it must qualify in achieving its purpose, i.e., if it was to persuade it must fully persuade, if it were to convict then let your speech convict. And if it’s supposed to inform, then it must be presented in a manner that it will tell.

But there are three cardinal canons that your speech must follow to meet its intended purpose:


It emphasizes on emotions. As a student who is writing a higher education essay assignment, you must ensure to appeal to the emotions of the professor who will read your speech and award you a grade. If you have ever listened to a speaker or read a piece of work that aroused your emotions, then you can understand the power of pathos.

It’s commonly held that words have power, but you can make words even more powerful when you masterfully apply them in your speech writing. Once you have the grip on the pathos of your speech then weaving out words to get a masterpiece will not be a problem. Especially when you are writing an emotional essay, you may have to indulge a lot on this principle. Keep in mind the cardinal principle of pathos even as you choose an essay topic.


Ethos entails observing the codes of ethics. Avoiding being offensive is another critical principle that as a succinct writer you should employ. Remember your audience could be composed of people from different walks of life, people from different cultural backgrounds and have different beliefs. Therefore, as you write your higher education essay keep in mind the fact that you don’t become irrational and insensitive with your choice of words and even your line of reasoning. Deliver a remarkable speech but not a speech that casts aspersions on what other people believe, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Choose your topic wisely by keeping in mind the principle of Ethos. You aren’t going to be a great speechwriter if you can’t appeal to a broad audience by remaining sensitive on grey areas. As a student, you need to observe the ethical guidelines so that you grow as a professional speechwriter. Write your essay assignment well guided with the principle of ethos. Keep in mind that you should avoid discriminative and skewed speech topics.


Logos is logic; you must make some logic in your piece of writing. It’s is also a fundamental principle that you cannot ignore. We have always asked a speechwriter to make logic in the main body of your speech where you present your main points in supporting the thesis statement. If you fail to choose a relevant topic for your speech, then you will fail to show a logical case in your essay.

Are you going to write a speech that is not concise, full of jargons and difficult to understand? Or will you write a pure, flowing and quality speech? Well, it all starts with your choice of topic. Be succinct, write a good essay and ace your examinations. Better yet, you can place an order for online custom higher education papers written by concise writers if you can’t write on your own.

100 Emotional Speech Topics for College Students

In this article, we provide you with succinct emotional topics that you can use to write a quality higher education essay for your college assignment. You can coil your essay topic around these suggested topics to be original with your academic work.

  1. Single parenting is a challenging task
  2. Most adopted kids are not treated with dignity.
  3. Racial segregation is a dangerous threat to the unity
  4. Why poverty is a hindrance to national development.
  5. What can we do about slams in India?
  6. Strange diseases are witnessed in slams of Africa.
  7. Parental carelessness should be punishable.
  8. A constant rise in divorce cases is threatening our social order.
  9. Assassinations are used as political weapons by established political dictators.
  10. Dissenting voices to the government need to be protected by law.
  11. Disenfranchised people during employment because of their nationality
  12. Crimes committed to children.
  13. How can we deal with terrorism?
  14. War on terrorism shouldn’t be wagged on religions.
  15. Street children should be rehabilitated.
  16. Streets have magnificent buildings while street families sleep in the cold.
  17. HIV prevalence among street families.
  18. Uncontrolled pregnancies among street families.
  19. Contraceptives should be supplied to the street families.
  20. Inmates also have conjugal rights to their married partners.
  21. Why is STDs prevalence high among inmates?
  22. Poor hygiene in the prisons and how it affects inmates.
  23. Inmates deserve an excellent diet.
  24. The psychological effects of being incarcerated
  25. Loose investigations land more innocent people to prisons.
  26. Bribery has led to many quacks in government loftier positions.
  27. Why road accidents claim more lives than other modes of transport.
  28. Why do men commit homicide?
  29. Child sexual abuse is on the rise. Why?
  30. Sea travel is unsafe due to frequent piracy.
  31. Robbery among unemployed youths.
  32. The painful truth about abortion.
  33. Old people suffer most during winter.
  34. Homes of the elderly need extensive facilities.
  35. Eye problem is a severe challenge to old people.
  36. Why loneliness is killing old people even faster.
  37. Institutions that don’t have facilities for the people living with disabilities should face court fines.
  38. The discrimination that disabled people face during job selections.
  39. Academic performance among students living with disabilities is low. Why?
  40. Stigmatization on people living with disabilities.
  41. Governments must avail more facilities for people living with disabilities.
  42. Corruption in every rank of governance.
  43. Homeless dogs deserve decent homes.
  44. Good governance entails public participation of the citizens.
  45. Journalists in Africa are endangered.
  46. Journalists need to be treated with dignity.
  47. Backstabbing among politicians.
  48. Xenophobia is a global disaster.
  49. Global warmer should make everyone concerned about our future.
  50. The unforgettable death of the US president John F. Kennedy.
  51. The assassination of Martin Luther King Jnr.
  52. The brutal murder of people in South Africa.
  53. Slavery and killing of Africans in South America.
  54. The war crimes in Vietnam.
  55. The injustices abetted against Jews in Germany.
  56. The world war could not have happened.
  57. The lives of prisoners of war.
  58. Executions against the LGBT in some sections of the world are untoward.
  59. Poverty is denying may children a chance to get an education.
  60. How Teachers are raping Schoolgirls.
  61. City sex businesses are corrupting societal morals and unfit for children.
  62. A weak economy is a result of bad governance.
  63. Untamed wild animals are killing humans.
  64. Why punitive actions must be taken on those who cut down trees.
  65. Technology is possibly making people have weak brains.
  66. How do we help people who are trapped in pornography addiction?
  67. Drug trafficking is bedeviling the ranks of our jobless youths.
  68. Cocaine is turning young women insane and violent.
  69. What must have led to the death of Michael Jackson?
  70. Movies on violent crime train our kids to try homicide.

You now have a list of possible emotional speech topics. These topics cover a wide area; from family, environment to crime and entertainment. There are a lot of topics you can come up with around these suggestions so that you write a succinct essay for your college assignment.

To win the confidence and admiration of your professor, you need to do a stellar job with your essay writing. Your masterpiece must be succinct, on to the point and top-notch. Nothing less, a higher education essay must be thoroughly done. If you can’t write for yourself, then reach out to succinct writers for professional help.