College Students’ Succinct Tips on Choosing an Interesting Speech Topics

College Students’ Succinct Tips on Choosing an Interesting Speech Topics

Sometimes the college professor is going to give you an essay assignment. And maybe it’s an essay you have never done before. It’s never simple understanding the higher education essay questions, therefore, you can get a little puzzled. We understand the challenge; we have dealt with a host of many other cases. That is why in this post, we provide you with a step-to-step guide into choosing an interesting topic for your speech.

College Students’ Succinct Tips on Choosing an Interesting Speech Topics

While speeches are essential tools of communication in many ways, they must be well written to effectively convey the intended information. In Governments, corporate leadership or events and ceremonies, speeches have been used to communicate with an audience.

College Students Too Must Write Well

College students, too, are always required to write essays addressing the professor who is supposed to mark the essay. However, they are supposed to write as though they are addressing a broad audience with people from all walks of life, and this comes with a lot of ramifications.

But to write an effective essay begins with choosing the topic. An interesting topic is the first skill you need. Why? The subject should first interest you; it should be on something you are so passionate about, something that gives you an adrenaline rush and awakens your conscience to make you excited.

Connect With Your Topic First

Always have a topic that you voluntarily and genuinely find a connection with. Your audience must also be interested in the topic. As much as you may be an excellent communicator, but with a boring subject, you will lose your audience from the word go.

How to Find an Interesting Topic

As I had preempted, the first scorecard is to have chosen an interesting topic, this enables you to score grade A in any higher education essay assignments. The topic must be your topic of interest first so that you write passionately about it-giving your best. Here is a list of sources you can use to get an exciting topic

Check on daily newspapers, periodicals, magazines, and journals

Depending on the nature of the essay you are writing; current or historical, you can get interesting facts from these publications that would help you construct interesting speech topics. If you want to write on a theme that is a hot potato, then you can use more current publications.

Develop a topic that grabs the attention of the reader. Better yet, ensure the topic is interesting to you so that you write well about it.

Online Book Reviews

As a student who wants to get some meaty academic score, you must get out of your way and plunge into books to sharpen up. You may be required to do a little of some online book reviews so that you grab ideas of interesting speech topics. Remember books are not always easy to read, not everyone is a book warmer, but you can always find a book that talks about a subject you are thrilled about.

Or you can also visit a library and ask for any book and reference articles in line with the subject you are writing on. It’s possible that a good librarian may guide you and give you more recommendations on literature that will lead you up to make a beautiful speech topic.

Books Help You Learn More Than Just Writing

Books are good because you don’t only find an interesting topic; you also discover how the author has dealt with the issues. You get to learn his/her unique structure and how he/she brings out the strong arguments, and even how he/she employs the examples and illustrations in the speech. These are the candid lessons that you can carry home as a college student.

Jotting down random ideas…

If you are a deep thinker, sometimes you find ideas fly through your mind especially when you are listening to some presentations. You can always jot down these random ideas then later on in the solitary confinement of yourself and your thoughts; you can brush through the list, removing the complex ones and refining the simple but relevant topics.

Discoveries and irrefutable statistics

Through research and excavation, you can unearth issues, controversies and borderline opinions which people hardly discuss. Out of which you would develop a well-refined subject for a speech. How? These discoveries and strange ideas are always open to intellectual assessment. You can present a view on how you think about it, and definitely, the audience will find interest in learning more about them.

Watching News, TV Shows, Debates and Documentaries.

Haven’t you had an experience where you almost wanted to participate in a heated debate that was on a television channel? Maybe the debaters were talking about something you find so passionate and close to your heart.

Or maybe from the news deadlines, you can scope some facts which would help draft an essay topic. Historical and nature documentaries are some of the avenues you can use to source for ideas for an exciting topic.

If you have a favorite TV show, you can diligently follow the program and come up with a host of topic suggestions. With a list of topic suggestions from these avenues, you can brainstorm and put up very interesting speech topics.

Key Factors into Choosing an Interesting Speech Topic

As a student who is writing an essay assignment, you should write your speech so well such that even the public can consume it. Therefore, always keep in mind the following factors so that you are well guided when settling for a speech topic:

  • Always Choose a subject you are so much interested in, and you have in-depth knowledge. There is a significant impact that the speech creates in the author and the audience. Therefore, you can make a significant impact only when you communicate well and passionately. Which you only achieve through writing about what you have in-depth knowledge. So, ask yourself whether the topic you have are about to choose interests you, and you have a deeper knowledge about it?
  • Emotional assessment. Does the topic appeal to your emotions? Does it make you happy or sad? Depending on the nature of the communication you want to deliver, you can develop a tone for your speech by assessing the emotional impact it will have on the audience.
  • A topic that people are concerned about. In a speech, it’s you conveying a message to an audience. So, as much you are supposed to choose a topic that interests you, you must also consider the audience. I’d have no business listening to someone speaking things that don’t concern me. Therefore, first, have your audience in mind.
  • Understand the type of speech you want to write. Your professor probably gave you the assignment to write an argumentative essay yet you are formulating your topic as a persuasive speech. You will fail. Understand what is expected of you as a student, go through all types of speeches and understand how to go about the assignment.


You can, therefore, do better to choose a topic that people care about. It can be something that affects their daily lives. What is the purpose of your speech? If you want to appeal to a people, convince them or persuade them then you must choose a topic that they genuinely care about.

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