Succinct Persuasive Speech Topics About Dogs 2019

Succinct Persuasive Speech Topics About Dogs 2019

As a college student, anything can come up in the form of an assignment. And topics about pets especially dogs are likely to be atop of your professor’s assignments list. Therefore, as a student, you need to keep in touch with the hottest topics that can help you make a sizzling and captivating persuasive speech. It doesn’t matter your level of command of a language when you don’t have the art of succinctness; your essay will be altogether shredded into mediocrity.

Better yet, if you have a wide variety of succinct topics to choose from the better. Because it presents you the privilege to select a topic, you are more convinced about, and you have a deep understanding of. This is why we have this post; to help you identify a succinct, persuasive topic about dogs and assist you in beating your assignment.

Even so, just by the mere fact of having the right topic for your persuasive speech doesn’t put everything to rest. A student must have the finesse and overall knowledge on the subject. Besides that, he/she must conduct concrete research and possess great academic writing skills that meet with university academic standards. There is no way you are going to convince your audience/reader when you don’t have a full and tight grip of the information you are delivering.

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But What is Persuasive Speech?

It could be a question that rings through a student’s mind especially if it’s your first time handling an assignment on persuasive essays or speech. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Before we unveil for you the possible persuasive speech topics about dogs, we would like to remind you that this is just another type of academic writing homework for higher education essay assignments. The purpose of a persuasive speech is to explain a certain situation, belief, culture, process or things then try to convince the readers compellingly to subscribe to the writer’s viewpoint.

It, therefore, demands that the writer has to weigh in his/her arguments in a manner that is logical, valid and credible. Unlike with argumentative essay, in persuasive speech it’s never enough to thrash upon your personal reader viewpoint on a matter, the writer goes a notch higher by effectively persuading the audience to believe the writer is truthful.

A Brief Guide on How to Write a Succinct Persuasive Speech

Do you want to know how to write a succinct, persuasive speech? Check out the following simple but imperative guidelines.

  • Once you have settled on the topic that interests you, you should identify the problem you want to articulate and find if you have sufficient solutions to offer according to your personal belief, knowledge, and experience. You should make clear the goal of the paper.
  • Evaluate the kind of audience you intend to target and discover whether to remain neutral, support or oppose the opinion.
  • Research the topic well and collect convincing and authoritative facts and data. Your sources must be credible and not older than 5 years.
  • Put up the paper’s structure. Add evidence and eliminate the less weighty ones. Organize your writing in a logical order keeping your audience and your goal in mind, build a compelling essay paper.
  • Remember to begin your persuasive speech with an attention grabber that will hook your readers to your piece of presentation. A rhetoric question, quote, anecdote, metaphor or statistical data can do your introduction some justice.
  • Conclude the persuasive speech powerfully. Be succinct, recap your main points and emphasize why yours is the cardinal truth.

30 Succinct Persuasive Speech Topics About Dogs

  1. Are dogs really the best human’s friends?
  2. The pros and cons of owning a dog
  3. Why it is good to adopt dogs
  4. Having a dog as a pet can improve your health. Truth or False?
  5. Microchipping homeless dogs and pets; is it the right thing to do?
  6. Your dog must be euthanized in case she is violent and bites people
  7. Is it ethical for dog breeders to crossbreed dogs in order to get hybrid?
  8. Is it right to keep your dog outdoors?
  9. Does it matter to train your dog?
  10. Could a poor dog bed be the reason your dog has arthritis?
  11. How does a poor diet affect your dog’s mood?
  12. Why depressed people can find dogs very helpful to their health
  13. The Pros and Cons of feeding your dog on chocolate
  14.  How you can help your dog survive extreme colds
  15. Why it’s important to learn how to give your dog medications
  16. Most dangerous exotic dog breeds that you shouldn’t domesticate
  17.  Why you need to learn how to properly clean your dog
  18. You should buy toys for your dog.
  19. Why you must consider your dog size before you buy her a bed.
  20. Why everyone needs to own a German Shepherd
  21. Is it important to vaccinate your dog or give her antibiotics?
  22. Is it true that your hybrid dog is resistant to some dog diseases?
  23. Things that people who don’t have dogs miss in life.
  24. Things you need to do to take good care of your old pet
  25. Dogs that love to plop can be difficult to maintain.
  26. Making the dog comfy is the ultimate show of love you can demonstrate to your pet
  27. Chihuahua is the most adorable pet.
  28. It’s a good idea to do regular vaccination for your dog.
  29. Can a pet help boost the self-esteem and sense of compassion to a kid with no siblings?
  30. Why irresponsible human behaviors have left many dogs homeless.

Wrap Up!

Above mentioned are some of the succinct topics that can help you establish a credible, persuasive speech for your college assignment. Out of each, you can develop many more topics. However, never forget to thoroughly polish your speech before you submit it to the university professor.

Nevertheless, to ensure your college assignment is properly handled, reach out for our professional writers who will ensure your speech is free of errors and is succinctly written. Place an order now for any persuasive speech you need.