Top 100 Argumentative Essay Topics in 2019 for College Students

Top 100 Argumentative Essay Topics in 2019 for College Students

Being a College student of English or any related course is really burdensome as it comes with tons of assignments to write. There is much pressure upon a college student since they are always engaged in writing deep essays which require advanced, higher level and broader skills. Generally, much is demanded from a college student when it comes to writing a succinct argumentative essay. The topics are mostly complex and demand for a riveting thought process in order to decipher how to go about them.

In most cases, the professor will assign to students the topics for succinct argumentative essay writing. However, there are instances where the students are granted the liberty to select the question and the topic of their own. And this is where the rubber hits the road.

Top 100 Argumentative Essay Topics in 2019 for College Students

When writing a succinct argumentative essay, you need a set of basic but important skills.

  • Astute research skills
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Good analysis skills

Snippets for Writing a Robust Succinct Argumentative Essay

It’s very important to write a paper that is tight and robust with arguments and here are the experts’ recommendations on how you can do it.

  • Write about real-life issues and contemporary aspects of life. In writing your succinct argumentative essay, you need to keep off fantasies and stick to realities. Bring onboard wide aspects of life. And choosing topics like sports, politics, issues to do with gender, social media, college students’ life will definitely work well for you.
  • Always remember to make your introduction very captivating with a profound hook to grab the attention of the reader. You do well if you consider using rhetorical questions, some relevant quotes, a tinge of humor and an interesting statistic. It’s however, advisable not to overdo it; just one hook can be enough to start you off.
  • It’s unnecessary to involve the first person pronounces, “I” and “We” in your succinct argumentative writing unless there is a specific instruction as to that. Nevertheless, as a student sharing your opinion is encouraged as part of the writing.
  • Widely read all the relevant literature that will enable you to establish your perspective on the topic. To hold a fairly managed debate, you must only use references, facts, and statistics from credible sources. Better yet, it’s convenient and professional as a college student to only select topics which have opposing opinions.
  • As a student, you may want to create your original topic and argue about it. You are free to do so even as you consider first the options in the list provided by the college professor.
  • Always remember to guard yourself against appearing to be biased even as you defend your viewpoint. Have succinct and clear criteria, sound judgments, get expert’s feedback and have strong arguments to maintain unbiased.
  • At the conclusion of your argumentative essay, make sure you present a persuasive call to action. The goal is to have your readers buy the idea in your essay. Therefore, you can make the readers want to continue discussing the problem even after they have completed reading your article. A strong call to action even motivates your readers to continue researching and exploring the problem.

Never Forget: that writing a succinct argumentative essay assignment is good for college students to refine their debating skills and abilities. To practice and write good argumentative impacts on the students’ prowess and mastery of debating out issues comprehensively and also delivery good public speeches

Tips on How to Wisely Choose Your Argumentative Topics

If your professor doesn’t provide you with the topics, then you know it’s your task to choose wisely your topic for the argumentative essay. Better still, your college professor can provide you with a wide variety of topics and making the right choice is a bewildering task to most students as it required keenness and sound mastery of the skills. It’s therefore important as a student that you learn to choose your topic.

While writing an argumentative essay on whichever topic, a student is advised to, first of all, gather the necessary information he/she would need. Collection of data and facts is what you do after you have wisely chosen your topic. Even in the gathering of information, a student must consider using timely and not outdated sources of information which is proof that he/she understands the problem. Some of the credible sources one can use include:

  • Class textbooks
  • Academic journals
  • Credible videos
  • Various publication editions
  • Newspapers
  • Laws and policy documents etc.

One can be an expert in an area of writing; however, when doing an argumentative essay, it’s useful to add quotes that you get from external sources. In so doing, a college student proves that their research is not only succinct and profound but also credible and top notch.

Even your in-text citation should be proficient to show that you understand what paper format you are writing in. In essay writing, formatting is key as it will determine the grade you get. Have the idea of how various paper formats are done and be terrific with your work. If you are clueless about the format, then contact online writing specialists like succinct writers who can help you out.

Every college student needs to know how to make the right choice for an argumentative essay topic. Making a wrong choice on the topic is a floodgate to ultimate failure and getting poor grades. Therefore, you need to be very cautious when selecting a topic so that you only pick that topic which gives you the enthusiasm to plunge into a research study. Remember your choice of topic should be such that you are able to generate as many points of discussions as possible.

Therefore, here is the list of top 100 argumentative essays from various aspects of the study that are suitable and can guide a college student into formulating his/her essay topic.

College Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are the Stringent College Rules helpful in curbing indiscipline cases among students in college?
  2. Is it reliable and suitable to judge individual student competency based on test scores?
  3. Did Shakespeare really write the infamous Shakespearean poems?
  4. Is the payment for CEOs and Project Managers too much?
  5. How and What can be altered to improve the current taxation system?
  6. Should the gender role be considered when recruiting military officers?
  7. Why do left-legged footballers swifter and more phenomenal than other players?
  8. Are there religions which don’t deserve to exist?
  9. What could be the leading causes of teenage pregnancies?
  10. When we die, what next?

Argumentative Essay Topics Related to Health

  1. Why should the consumption rate of alcohol be restricted?
  2. Is it the government’s entire role to provide premium health care?
  3. Do technological devices predispose users to causes of cancer?
  4. Compared to straight couples, are gay couples under more threat of HIV infection?
  5. Supplements that make you cancer resistant
  6. Is it effective to use curfews as a method to keep adolescents from trouble?
  7. Is there a prescribed amount of water that we must take every day?
  8. Risks associated with indulgence in fast foods.
  9. Is there a health benefit of being a vegetarian?

Simple Argumentative Essays Topics

  1. My favourite genre
  2. Why fictional works are selling more than non-fiction
  3. Why people should detest fashions today.
  4. Aren’t girls the meanest
  5. Is global warming a hoax?
  6. Do human activities result in climatic changes?
  7. Why polygamy should be allowed and practised.
  8. Are philosophers the most successful people in life?
  9. How long should a good film last?
  10. What is, does it mean to have true love?
  11. Should art be classified as a profession?

Argumentative Essays on Controversial Topics

  1. Was the US election process interfered with from external forces?
  2. Should dogs be used for conducting experiments and tests in the laboratories?
  3. Why the death penalty should be abolished
  4. Are religious organizations fueling civic wars and terrorisms?
  5. Politics is always a dirty game everywhere and always.
  6. Hillary Clinton was a stronger candidate though she lost.
  7. Feminism is very negative and toxic.
  8. Government systems are always marred with corrupt dealings.
  9. Political tolerance within the British government.
  10. Slave trade was majorly perpetrated by the local native leaders.

Argumentative Essays Topics on Social Media

  1. How to earn money on digital marketing?
  2. Factors that enhance the modification of consumer behaviours.
  3. Should a lady ask a man out first if she is attracted to him?
  4. Why should cigarettes be heavily taxed?
  5. Should a government open a market for children?
  6. How effective is Facebook to the users?
  7. Do people get jobs through their LinkedIn profiles?
  8. Are there sufficient laws barring the government from eavesdropping mobile users?
  9. Is it true that active online users are shy in real life?
  10. Can one make good money through YouTube?

Sports and Entertainment Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do violent video games have a dangerous impact?
  2. Does competition do well to improve one’s competence?
  3. Is true that teenagers who are actively involved in sports are hardly in trouble?
  4. Do sports bring positive change to children who participate in them?
  5. Which is the most dangerous sport to participate in?
  6. Is the level of falsehood in sports and entertainment out of control?
  7. Swimming is the only sports activity that engages all the body muscles.
  8. Apart from steroids, are there legal alternatives that sportsmen can use?
  9. Is there a group of sporting activities exclusively for the rich folks?
  10. Does sporting activities earn enough revenue to the governments?

Technology-based Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do cell phones cause harmful side effects to the users?
  2. Do computer-based apps addictive to the users?
  3. Do spy applications for mobile phones infringe on the privacy rights of users?
  4. The online lottery has taken us by a storm but is it fair?
  5. Is the increased level of technology making teens be lazy and too dependent?
  6. Has the storage capacity increase in technology made storage of information easier and efficient?
  7. Can people survive today without modernized technology?
  8. Is social media making us more antisocial?
  9. How many things can you do with your phone?
  10. How can we figure out the world technologically in the next century?

College Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The scale of production and sale of tobacco must be controlled.
  2. Smoking in public amenities should be banned.
  3. Consumption of alcohol should be regulated.
  4. Serious punitive measures must be taken on parents who abscond their roles as parents.
  5. Energy drinks need to be made illegal and banned.
  6. At what age are citizens supposed to be allowed to drink or smoke?
  7. At what age should students be allowed to take part in national voting processes.
  8. Are court proceedings supposed to be aired on national televisions?
  9. Is there justice in the justice systems?
  10. How did the industrial revolution affect Europe?

Social Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Can torture be accepted as a punitive action for any crime?
  2. Should pregnancies result from rape be aborted?
  3. Is death sentence the right punishment for sexual maniacs?
  4. Should male workers be granted paternity leave from their official duties?
  5. Is age a serious factor in a relationship?
  6. Can lowering condom prices help in reducing the rate of teenage pregnancies?
  7. Tips to handling your naughty teenage son or daughter.
  8. What are the main causes of Down’s syndrome?
  9. Is abortion a crime?
  10. Why should suitable punitive action be taken on people who fail in parenting?

Classical Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Why animal species should not be used for researches, cruel experiments, and tests.
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of globalization
  3. Destruction of rainforest should be punishable
  4. Why electric vehicles are a solution to environmental pollution
  5. Earthquakes and their repercussions
  6. How seasons affect human activities
  7. The rapid climatic change and the risk it poses to the United States
  8. The beautiful Amazonia forests
  9. How students can step up their involvement in securing nature.
  10. Which class of species should be part of the Red Book (Liber Novus) and why?

Having made the right choice for the argumentative essay topic, the job doesn’t end there. Remember the next step is to write succinctly and pitch strong arguments so that you earn grade A. If you can’t do it then don’t worry, we have professional writers who can help you do the college assignment proficiently.