10 Cardinal Books That Every College Student Should Read Before Graduating

10 Cardinal Books That Every College Student Should Read Before Graduating

The type of people we associate ourselves with and the types of books we read are the most influential things that can affect every student’s line of thinking and life as a whole. During college life, students get consumed into their academic activities, and in the process, their critical thinking abilities develop rapidly. Students begin to create new ideas and formulate opinions when they interact with various people as they delve into discussing various aspects of life.

10 Cardinal Books That Every College Student Should Read Before Graduating

As they spend much time reading and gaining knowledge, the thinking capacity of these college students tends to increase. The problem is that most college students take too much time reading and focusing only on their areas of study. While this is partly good, on the other hand, it doesn’t provide them with an opportunity to read other essential books that can equip them with cardinal life lessons, inspire them or give them a break from coursework.

Therefore, we have stepped out of our normal day-to-day job of providing you with essay writing services and compiled for you a definitive list of 10 cardinal books that will change your life, and you must make time to read them before you graduate.

  • This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

In this book, a privileged Princeton Student is absorbed into disillusionment after graduating from college. In his adventure, he realizes that life within the walls of his college is very different from life outside. He, therefore, sets to find for his life again. This is an almost common narrative with every student. You need to read this book.

  • 1984 By George Orwell

The book has a striking dystopian theme, portraying a world divided among three totalitarian states; a total control, abolition of all important values, and persistent endeavour to thrive in a world full of hatred. 1984 is one of the books that seems to gain more relevance as days go by. The state is portrayed in the future world to want to do everything to gain control over the narrative, and Winston Smith, the protagonist, comes in handy. He works at the state department for the Ministry of Truth, where he rewrites history to suit the state. When one looks into the current administration, it’s almost clear that 1984 is a book that every college student must-read.

  • Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

This is an intricate story about a relationship entangled in a love triangle, and all the characters met for the first time on campus. The main question is what should take precedence over the other; love or friendship? It’s one of the most complicated situations, where you love someone, but you don’t want to lose your best of friends. It’s an important read that every college student should indulge in order to find answers to these cardinal questions.

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

It’s an amazing classic with a lot of relevance, providing readers with an essential step to step actions that make anyone of any age achieve their goals and dreams. Students who need to become effective people of society must endeavour to read this book.

  • The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

The journey towards financial freedom and the building of wealth begins by every student, and that is why this book is very cardinal. David Bach provides neat and practical tips that are overly important more than financial advice students receive in college. One of his tips is to live within your means while directing money into serious activities that benefit a majority.

  • Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

It’s a popular novel talking about Raskolnikov, a student who attempts to find his place in life and also trying to understand who he really is. The student kills an old pawnbroker, and he begins to justify his actions and to absolve himself. The story has a thrill and a riveting moral lesson for every college student especially on moral laws and their function in society.

  • Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

It’s widely considered as the best book ever written about World War I and the generation that was lost. Farewell to Arms is a cardinal book recommended for the every student to read. The story captures an American ambulance driver who was on the Italian front, then falls in love with a beautiful English nurse. Essentially, the book portrays the horrors of war while weaving it with an intriguing romance that change when men and women get deployed.

  • Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

It’s a captivating story of an Oklahoma farm family called the Joads, depicting their struggle to migrate to the West, a promised land out of California. The story is a classic depiction of the difference between the haves and the have-nots. The Grapes of Wrath is a very relevant story to every American today especially the college students.

  • Six Great Ideas by Mortimer Adler

Mortimer Adler is a famous American teacher who proves in his book how philosophy is very relatable to every daily life activity. Six Great Idea, is one of the best books which every college student should consider a must-read. It touches on the most cardinal aspects that define our actions which are: ideas of freedom, equality, and justice. The writer says we judge based on kindness, truth, and beauty. To find the best answers to some of the most disturbing eternal questions as a student, read the good book.

  1. The Origin of Capitalism by Ellen Meiksins Wood

It’s a compelling question on how capitalism, the most dynamic economic system, took place among the peasants and the ancient lords of feudal Europe. This book is an eye-opener; it’s a classic work of history. In The Origin of Capitalism, Ellen Weiksins Wood provides the readers with clear access into the introduction of theories that led to the birth of capitalism. She offers an intuitive debate on imperialism and the modernity. This is a highly recommended book for college students.

How many books have you read from this list so far? Having recommended for you the 10 cardinal books you need to read before you graduate, it takes your personal effort to read them. Remember knowledge is power.