Argumentative Essay on Abortion

An argumentative essay is not any other normal type of writing; it demands dedication and commitment to a gathering of compelling facts and learning the most suitable way of presenting the opinion so that you persuade the reader. And when it comes to explosive topics like abortion, much is demanded from the writer. Taking a standpoint is one thing; sufficiently defending the stand is another. The writer must succinctly review the previously published materials, research findings, various opinion, and interviews before embarking on the succinct argument.

The topic of abortion is very controversial and results in explosive debates. Therefore, when delving into a succinct argumentative essay which deals with such volatile issues, extra care needs to be taken. Another key issue at hand is that it is a medical topic dealing with personal health. This requires that you conduct comprehensive research using authoritative and reliable medical materials then compile elaborate and watertight findings. It’s pretty important as well to consider all the available approaches that can help you strike and strong argument.

We live in a very dynamic world; we are a global village today, beefed up with potential technological advancements. And the topic of abortion is one which is discussed from one nation to another. It erupts various energies and stirs up debates. While in some total conservative countries abortion is absolutely outlawed, there are countries which have legalized the process as a medical procedure of terminating unwanted pregnancies without holding any adverse repercussions on the medical staff involved or the parent.

Frantically speaking, abortion is a moral dilemma which has not yet been brought to rest since it carries along with divided opinions and there is a big percentage of people who are against it, and a big percentage also is pro-abortion. This explains the reason why the weight of the burden of proof is on the author to thoroughly ventilate on the issue, checking both the positives and the negatives. To make a prudent and strong case, ensure you have sufficient supporting facts and evidence to back up your views about abortion.

As one close into books and published journals to gather statistics and facts, one gets to know various opinions as expressed by various authors and consequently develop a deeper knowledge and understanding on the subject of abortion. It’s this understanding that will inform the position you picked on the subject and based on the amount and weight of pieces of evidence you have amassed to back up your position.

One important thing about all argumentative essays is making the thesis statement as succinct and as clear as possible. You must remember not to divert from the line of argument since far-fetched postulations serve as a waste of time and reduce the succinctness of your proposition. It’s beneficial to remember the key reason you are engaging in the argumentative essay is to win and persuade the readers and make them believe you are right.

And so with factual proofs, you can hit the nail on its head without been fluffy in your argument. Keep the points strong and let the evidence come out boldly. You can also pitch a strong succinct argument once you have done a comprehensive background check, studied the topic all-around, gathered necessary facts, sought experts’ opinions, and have credible statistics to support your proposition.

Once you have researched extensively about the subject of abortion, the next step in writing a succinct argumentative essay involves the development of the essay structure/frame. You may have the points, the data, and the facts but how you put them is also important. When facts are provided haphazardly without a smooth transition from one paragraph to another, then the reader is lost, and your argument collapses altogether. Therefore, lay the structure which will help you chart your argument effectively.


Basically, the structure would look like:

  • Introduction: the writer finds the best interesting way to introduce the essay, rhetorical questions can be used to capture the attention of the reader and keep them anticipating or anxious about the argument in the essay.
  • The Thesis Statement: here, you review the topic of abortion while setting the stage for discussion in the body. The thesis statement involves that question to which the essay endeavors to answer at the end of the presentation.
  • Smooth transition: as I said earlier, your transition from one stage of discussion to another should be smooth so that you don’t tire the reader. From the introduction to the body of the essay and later on from the body to the conclusion, you must employ the necessary technique for a smooth transition.
  • Body: It is in the body where you do the full-fledged presentation of his argument, pulling out the factual evidence, statistics, logical inferences, and experimental data. The supporting arguments must be relevant. The writer makes succinct but strong arguments that will enable him to win the reader to subscribe to his viewpoint about the topic of abortion. The writer also introduces the dissenting views providing evidence for the same. This enables the writer to take care of anticipatory opposing view that a reader may develop, but in so doing, he shows his respects for those ideas which he doesn’t agree to.
  • Conclusion: a quick recap of what is in the text body is done where the writer emphasizes his strongest points. The thesis is addressed one more time, and a succinct argument is presented based on the pieces of evidence presented.

While this is the basic structure of a succinct argumentative essay, it’s clear and simple but when attempting to discuss highly sensitive topics like that of abortion one would need to further indulge in explanations in order to establish a formidable case. Strong feelings and polarising opinions are frequent when debating abortion. One is either strongly supporting or strongly opposing abortion based on various reasons.

Writing a succinct argumentative essay on the topic of abortion doesn’t just involve making inferences but rather investigating issues and putting together concrete facts and evidence. Therefore, before you start arguing the points out, you will need to define the niche of your discussion. There are various dimensions that can be taken when handling the topic. However, the discussion can trickle down to looking at the issue from a pro-life viewpoint that is being against abortion, or one can take the pro-choice viewpoint which leads to favoring legalization of abortion.

Once you have identified your stand, you can delve into in-depth systematic analyses of existing credible literature to ensure you validate your inferences. Facts must be fed with strong and authoritative evidence from recognized authors. Because abortion is such an arguable topic, you can provide two firmly opposed opinions on the subject. However, as mentioned earlier, you are needed to take a side and provide supporting evidence. This you can do even as you also present dissenting opinions and arguments then provide counteracting evidence to refute the opinion.

For example, if you choose to argue your case from the pro-life perspective, you can argue that fetus is fundamentally a human being from the conception and to that reason, it has the right to life which must be respected. Besides, abortion is a painful ordeal which puts the fetus to suffering. These insinuations must be backed with medical data from analyzed sonograms to show that after gestation the human embryos if fully developed with a beating heart and operation nervous system allowing them to feel pain.

This is just one perspective you can take. You can add other three or four robust arguments. Next is to look it from the psychological consequences for a woman. The abortion procedure could also be a potential risk to the mental health of the mother, causing psychological trauma. Religion can also be a point of argument where major religious denominations don’t sanction it.

This is basically how one can develop a formidable succinct argumentative essay on abortion.

Argumentative Essay on Abortion

Succinct Writers Tips on How to Write an Argumentative Essay About Abortion

When faced with the task of writing a succinct argumentative essay on abortion, it doesn’t literally mean that the title of your essay will be abortion. The subject of abortion is quite wide and multifaceted therefore you can pick an angle to look at it by isolating what you want to make the highlight of your argumentative essay. To be succinct and professional, you can consider the following examples on how to debate it;

  1. Abortion and its consequences; where you talk about moral issues, health, legal and psychological consequences.
  2. A historical recap of divergent opinions on abortion from different regions and countries
  3. The question of the right to choose
  4. Understand the counteracting opinions about abortion

A simple Template on How to Write a Succinct Argumentative Essay with Opposing Points of View on Abortion


  1. Introduction
  2. Main body
  3. Historical review of abortion in the world
  4. Opposing grounds on abortion
  5. Pro-life argument- arguments against abortion
  6. Pro-choice argument- arguments supporting abortion
  7. Conclusion

Key Succinct Tips

To write a succinct argumentative essay on abortion, you will need to consider various critical tips. Of course, you have various ways of going about it, but you must consider employing these tips when constructing your arguments on such a sensitive topic as abortion. Upon mastering and employing these steps effectively, you will be a step closer to being a good succinct writer and also getting the best grade from your professor.

  • Identify a Topic– as indicated earlier on, when you are told to write about abortion it doesn’t mean your topic must be “abortion”, no, you can come up with an intuitive subject that will help you generate strong succinct arguments. Your topic must enhance the generation of counter opinions, and I have mentioned a few topics about abortion that can trigger counteractive opinions.
  • Collection facts- Remember, it’s a succinct argumentative essay, and you don’t want to argue on hearsay or rumors. You must establish your case on a formidable premise for you to win the reader and you are only going to achieve this when you have sufficient facts. Therefore, before you embark on writing the succinct argumentative essay, conduct thorough research on both sides of viewpoints so that you don’t end up sounding biased and empty.
  • Embrace accuracy of data- Now, you aren’t just getting into research to fish out cooked and inaccurate data to defend your standpoint, no. You must delve into the acquisition of accurate facts only so that out of those facts you can agreeably take your ground on the subject. All the facts and statistics must have credible sources.
  • Follow the Marking Rubric- You don’t want to be out of synch with the instruction from your professor. Therefore, you must follow the guidelines and instructions closely as postulated by the assignment sheet from your professor as it will help you to ace your assigned task.
  • Be Terrific with the Structure- This has been greatly emphasized. Remember an argumentative essay has a certain structure and to remain as succinct as possible you must properly and correctly employ the structure. The structure mentioned below can help you a great deal to write a robust argumentative essay on abortion.
  • Introduction: You are going to remain precise but also interesting while introducing the essay. Provide some historical facts and background about abortion. You can mention the political, social and ethical ramifications of abortion in various regions of the world. As we all know, the subject of abortion continues to strike a moral dilemma to date. Doctors always find themselves in a web of an ethical-medical dilemma when they are confronted with the issues. Essentially, the problem of abortion conceives in itself an impending challenge on how people view the moral, legal, religious, socio-politics and the scientific perspective of the whole matter. Your introduction should basically set the pace for your entire succinct argument in the essay.
  • Body: In the body is where you pitch the arguments using facts, data, statistics, interviews and all gather materials from your research. In the body is where you do the entire argument and identify your side of opinion while backing it up with reasons.
  • Historical View of the World about abortion: the ancient world appreciated abortion as a method of terminating unwanted pregnancies. For example, Ancient Greece and Rome Acts of Law didn’t define abortion an act punishable by law as the life of fetus was not a protected right. However, the act didn’t spread widely since abortion posed a danger to the mother as well. Besides, fetus destruction was considered immoral and punishable when it was conducted for selfish reasons. Hippocrates on the other side considered abortion an immoral act, and a doctor was not to conduct it.
  • Opposing grounds on abortion: Still, on the main body of the argumentative essay, you must provide the opposing views on abortion. Basically, about abortion, there are main two contrasting opinions: the pro-life and the pro-choice. The pro-life opinion refutes the act of abortion based on various reasons like morality, religion, legal, ethics, health, and psychology. While the pro-choice viewpoint supports abortion based on legal and other reasons. According to the pro-choice believer, abortion is a strictly personal problem that should concern no one except the woman herself. They view it as a medical problem, and as prescribed by medical-surgical operation ethics, all medical problems are fixed within the discretion of the doctor and the patient only.

The other viewpoint which is against abortion feels it offends the moral garment of life. Typically, to them, it’s an abuse of morality and an ethical problem. Therefore, before the woman comes to a doctor, she has a moral puzzle to solve: the death or life of her future baby. Even at the hospital, the moral puzzle remains with the doctor, if the doctor does the operation; he/she becomes an abettor in murder. The pro-life believers basically see it as murder since unlike other medical operations, abortion is an operation that kills and destroys a future human being who has a right but is defenseless.

  • Conclusion: in making your conclusion, you will consider that there are divergent views about the problem of abortion; there are liberal, conservatives, and moderates. Make your essay conclusion as succinct as possible by emphasizing on the main points that backed up your argument and standpoint.
  • Remember to do proper citing for the used materials in order to avoid plagiarising people’s works.
  • Get some people to go through your work to see if they love your writing. Listen only to genuine opinions and keep improving on your essay writing.
  • Run the paper through grammar check websites so that you isolate any mistakes and fix them before you submit the paper.

Research Paper on Abortion

Research Paper on Abortion

Writing a succinct research paper on such a volatile topic as abortion is not going to be a walk in the park. There is need to churn through materials, books, journals, and websites researching and looking for logical and credible facts. You can’t wake up and just write a research paper about abortion; you need to toil exuberantly, work meticulously and plan painstakingly. It’s a question of legality, morality, ethics and the debate around the issue questions whether is right to call it murder or just any other medical operations.

Generally, it’s prudent for students and scholars to learn about the practice anyway. And this informs why research papers about abortion are important. And so if you want to write a succinct and professional research paper on this problem, you will need to consider this simple but truthful guide

  • Conduct research about the topic forehand even as you plan to write the paper. Through research, you find rich content and credible facts which will help you in writing while you also increase the scope of your understanding of the subject. You can begin by researching on areas like the meaning of abortion, procedures used to conduct an abortion, why people chose to abort. Why others refute it and the risks associated with abortion.
  • Follow strictly the marking rubric that was issued by your professor so that you write a relevant and succinct research paper that will earn you the best grade.
  • Do not plagiarise any works in the course of your writing, make the right quotations, proper citations and references.
  • Write a top-notch paper. Ensure the quality of your writing is best.
  • Keep off the spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Observe the word count limit

Besides having the facts and data you need for an essay, remember to follow the guidelines mentioned earlier to avoid unnecessary punishment from your professor. Remember your research essay should follow a simple format: the introduction, body, and conclusion. Your introduction should provide the gist for the essay; it should be interesting, exciting and informative so that your readers can get glued to your piece of the essay. An introduction with a question, fact, quote, humor or anecdote can be very effective.

You can consider defining the term abortion at the introduction of the essay just to have your readers into perspective. Use a credible dictionary for the definition. Discuss the topic in the body of the essay where you provide the credible facts you gathered during your research. Then you can provide recommendations to women about abortion while also stating your stand on the matter.

Technically, abortion is of two types: the spontaneous abortion which occurs within the first two months of conception. The cause of spontaneous abortion is generally unknown though it’s linked to contamination with the uterus or weak attachment of the fetus to the uterine wall. The other type is the therapeutic abortion which can be done either by taking pills or surgical operations. People frequently ask about the legitimacy of abortion. The issue is very sensitive, emotional and debates erupt around it, always among people of varied races.

Abortion is a very prominent black and white-sided topic with no grey areas. People are either strongly against or supporting it. And this implies that if you were to arrive at either of the conclusions, you would still get a downside to it. There is no unanimous agreement on this topic worldwide. Abortion is not only sensitive but also very emotional, and so when writing an essay about it, extra care is needed.

Approximately 60% of women of ages between 14 to 44 at least contract unintended pregnancies; this percentage includes women who absolutely don’t have sex with men which means women who are not at risk of unintended pregnancies have higher chances of getting pregnant. Research also postulates that 43% of women who get pregnant by having sex with a man or not will at least have one abortion at one time during their fertile period.

Despite the fact that the majority of pregnancies are due to consensual sex, some women get pregnant due to rape. Therefore, is it prudent for the woman who involuntarily engaged in sex be contrived to carry the fetus till delivery? Well, the pro-life campaigners are in absolute affirmative to this. They champion for women not terminate pregnancies despite the circumstances that surround the conception of the baby.

A peer-review publication of 2005 in BMC medicine, it was found that women who had undergone abortion operation had a higher rate of anxiety and a higher scale of depression which would last for 5 years after termination of pregnancy. However, many liberals and moderates believe that abortion can be allowed in the unfortunate cases where sex was not consensual, extreme cases like rape and incest. Weighing out issues on a scale, the abortion is still an unresolved puzzle; it’s a dilemma upon which it’s difficult to strike a safer conclusion. Taking one side downplays the other side.

Cause and Effect Essay on Abortion

The simple law of cause and effect states that for every effect, the must be a cause that is, for every repercussion there must have been an action which resulted in it. It’s a natural law. We must be held accountable for our actions, and the consequences of our actions are general proofs of our actions. Therefore, when it comes to matters of abortion, it would be prudent to evaluate the reasons for the decision.

Generally, some people would always want to run away from the consequences of their actions. Rape is a special case which can be exempted out of his discussion, but women who engage in unprotected sex when they are not ready for babies then want to commit abortion later have no basis for such an action. Every woman who is pregnant from consensual sexual intercourse should be held responsible for the pregnancy rather than try to avoid the consequence.

Even when contraceptive methods are applied when having sexual intercourse, there exists a percentage risk for pregnancy. Therefore, two adults engaging in sexual intercourse with the consent of one another should bear the consequence should the woman be pregnant. Suffice to say, that innocent unborn baby should not be contrived to carry the burden of the consequence of the parents neglecting to use a condom.

It trickles down to the power of choice. A woman has the right to choose whether she would like to get pregnant or not, and she makes a choice before participating in sexual intercourse. She can choose to abstain, but she must prepare to be held responsible for her actions.

Persuasive Essay on Abortion

Persuasive Essay on Abortion

Abortion is a medical procedure which has been practiced from time immemorial. While there are laws which have been set to curtain the act in certain quarters and during certain periods of time, the procedure is still practiced to date. Medical abortion can be done through two medical methods that are; the use of drugs to terminate the pregnancy and the surgical operations which is quite invasive.

Checking the definition for abortion, you find that is basically a deliberate termination of a pregnancy. An estimated statistic indicates that one out of three women endeavor to commit abortion by the time their clock ticks 45 years. While more than half of all the abortion cases are as a result of unintended pregnancies, others use abortion as a birth control mechanism.

Research carried out in the US in 2011 found that the state of California had the leading cases of abortion with a whopping total of 181, 730 abortions in one year. This is an indication that abortion is a procedure that is being carried out on a huge scale. Though it was banned in the USA during the 1800s period yet again, it has been sanctioned by the eugenics movement as an accepted medical operation.

A rough estimate indicates that around 41 million abortions are done yearly across the world which simply means; more than 41 million people don’t get to live. The abortion rate in the US alone is appalling. It’s a disturbing reality that when a debate about abortion erupts, where one section of people support it, and the other section refutes it, it’s the lives of 41 million people which are put at risk yearly. We can find a way of stopping the scale of deaths.

Empirical analyses and science proves that human life begins at conception, just immediately a human sperm mates with the ovum from a woman. This usually takes place in the upper region of the Fallopian tube, after which the zygote is formed. The earliest developmental stage of a human embryo is what we call a zygote. Therefore, the argument that a baby has no life at conception collapses if scientific evidence is to go by. Dr. LeJeuene who is a French pediatrician and geneticist indicates that, after the fertilization has taken place, a new human being has come into being.” He adds, “Each individual has a very neat beginning, at conception.”

Some women rush to conduct abortion without evaluating and understanding the weightier issues that pertain the action. There are various ramifications and consequences that come along with the action. These consequences can be psychological, medical and even physical.

Most of the abortions are performed by a drug called RU-486; the drug is known to enhance the blocking of the progesterone hormone, a hormone which is essential during pregnancy. The inhibition of progesterone results into a deficiency in food, fluid and oxygen supply to a baby in the womb, the fetus dies eventually. But the problem doesn’t stop there, after abortion, there are side effects that manifest themselves like; nausea, terrible cramping, bleeding and vomiting.

A woman once interviewed about the repercussions; she did confirm that there are many emotional and physical repercussions after abortion is conducted. The worst of the repercussions were those emotional and psychological ones. Though she experienced horrible cramping for 4 days, the stress and emotional balance were more horrible experiences. The idea that she had ended the life of her soon to be child tormented her for a long time.

In many instances, those who have had horrible experiences with abortion have come out strongly to be Pro-Life when engaging in a debate about abortion. Sometimes the lasting psychological repercussion can stay with the mother for aeons. Effects of abortion are physical, emotional and psychological and no one woman escapes at least one of these consequences.

Come to think of it; there are families that need children at least to adopt and so when an abortion is done, there is one less kid available for adoption. The satisfying fact about adoption is that the adopting parents can help foot the hospital bills involved in delivering the baby, pay for the living expenses and at the end of the day you avoid the ugly consequences of abortion.

Many women out in the world are in dire need of a baby to hold in their arms and call theirs but due to medical conditions, they can’t. How satisfying can it be to deliver the baby and give it out to another person who will find a blessing in owning the baby rather than abort? Giving birth to the child and giving it out to adopting parents is just a nice way of making someone’s world a better place while saving yourself from the dangerous consequences of conducting an abortion.

A child is not a mere substance, a zygote in the womb, given time it turns into a breathing human being who can make a great deal of influence in the world. If every conceived baby can be given a chance to live, then the world can be a better place. Many problem solvers have been denied the privilege to live and help in fixing the problems of the world. You must not necessarily bear the parenthood responsibility if you are afraid of that, many people are ready to take up the role for you, only if you can carefully take care of the pregnancy and safely deliver the baby.

Meanwhile, the issue is a matter of choice. It’s the choices we make in life that attract the consequences we meet. Apart from extreme cases such as rape, the pregnancies are always as a result of consensual agreement to have sex. People choose to engage in sexual intercourse without using the necessary contraceptives then when they contract the pregnancy, they feel it is unwanted pregnancy and resorts to abortion. This is wrong. We must be held accountable for all our irresponsible actions.

It’s advised that use of contraceptives like the condom is never 100% guarantee that there is no risk of pregnancy. Two adults who enter into a consensual agreement to have sexual intercourse whether it’s protected or not should do so bearing in mind that there is a risk for pregnancy and they are ready to bear it. Otherwise, the only sure way to avoid pregnancy is abstinence.

Taking responsibility for our actions is another way of showing that we are responsible human beings. The issue at hand is about choices. You choose to have sex or abstain. You choose to have protected sex or unprotected sex. But once we have taken action, it’s prudent to live up to the task and own up. That is why for those who deliberately took part in sexual intercourse, the act of abortion should not be an option in case the lady gets pregnant unless otherwise. There are some pregnancies which can pose a health danger to the mother, risking her life; such few cases can be exempted.

About 16 million girls of ages 15 to 19 years give birth each year, which means teenage mothers are taking responsibility for their actions. Why can’t older mothers do the same? It’s never the baby’s mistake to be conceived, killing a baby after faltering actions is not permissible.


Expository Essay On Abortion

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. Women engage in the process due to various reasons best known and understood by them. Abortion is not an always a safe process especially when it’s not done professionally by a qualified doctor. Therefore, a lot of carefulness is needed when someone is contemplating abortion.

There are basically two types of abortion done by the hospitals; the spontaneous and the therapeutic abortion. Spontaneous abortion usually takes place within the first two months. The reason for this type of abortion still remains foggy, though in most cases, it’s as a result of the weak attachment of the fetus to the internal walls of the uterus or contamination of intra-uterine wall. When such conditions exist abortion happens spontaneously.

Therapeutic abortion on the other side can be done in two ways; either as medical abortion or surgical abortion where medical abortion involves taking pills while surgical abortion is done by surgery. While spontaneous abortion tends to be naturally caused, therapeutically abortion is artificially triggered. Both types of abortions have side effects which include but not limited to emotional, psychological, physical and medical problems.

Abortion debates are always laced with emotionalism and are always heated. Around the world, people from various quarters have varied opinions and beliefs concerning abortion.

Satire Essay on Abortion

Isn’t it just so ridiculous that some women find no guilty feeling when they kill a faultless fetus just because they want to get away with their promiscuous behaviors? What is the world come to surely? If a woman is old enough to conceive a baby, why doesn’t she feel responsible enough to take care of the pregnancy to safe delivery and bring up the child? Apart from a few critically exempted circumstances where the health status of the mother is put to danger due to the pregnancy, women should not carry out abortions at all.

You see, every baby deserves a chance to live, to bask in an experience that awaits them in the earth. It’s just so tragic that some mothers put off their future by killing them. A situation where a mother dies with the baby in her womb is actually a sorry state that would be understandable or a situation where a doctor advised that the pregnancy can cause the life of the mother then abortion can be a viable option to save the life of the mother.

However, there is an increased tendency of people indulging in sexual intercourse without the use of contraceptives then plan to carry out abortion when they find out the pregnancy test is positive, this is uncalled for. Statistics show that more than 41 million babies are lost through abortion yearly. It’s puzzling that we can lose all those lives due to the foolishness of some women.

Pregnancy was a matter of choice when you chose to have sexual intercourse then you should be ready to be held responsible. But abortion is not left as an option for those who chose to be careless about their actions.


Important Abortion Essay Outline

Whether you will be writing an argumentative, persuasive, expository essay or any other essay about abortion, you will always find yourself with two sides of the topic as your options to land on. You are either going to write your essay on the Pro-Life viewpoint or the Pro-Choice viewpoint. Of course, the Pro-Life advocates are those who are against the act of abortion while the Pro-Choice advocates are those who legitimize abortion based on some reasons. That notwithstanding, you will need to conduct arduous research to lay your facts right because abortion topic elicits various emotions and heated debates. Having facts at your finger ends will be very crucial when writing the essay. 

As you endeavor to write a succinct essay about abortion, apart from doing thorough research and gathering facts, you will also need to have a proper way of presenting your writing so that you convince your college professor that you know what you are doing. In this article, I will provide you with the golden steps that would aid your essay writing and make you a top-notch paper on abortion.

  • Pick the right topic of your essay: remember the name of your succinct essay cannot be an abortion just because you are writing about abortion. Abortion topic is wide and multifaceted so would want to pick one side of the problem and make it the highlight of your essay. Some of the examples of themes you can choose to include but not limited to:
  • Abortion and the consequences; looking at it from moral, ethical, legal, medical and psychological perspectives.
  • History of abortion from different quarters of the world.
  • Provide your opinion about the topic
  • Expose the rival opinions about abortion
  • Follow the basic outline for writing the essay. The key outline features for an essay on abortion has seven parts. These include:
  • Introduction: an introduction to the essay involves an intuitive presentation of facts laced with curiosity, humor or anecdotes so that the attention of the reader is captured. Make your introduction as interesting as possible. Make some demographic effects of abortion with real statistics because people get interested in numbers especially of people dying. You can also include a brief historical anecdote about abortion. The key thing about the introduction is making it succinct and interesting.
  • Main Body: it’s the section where the essay is given its essence. Facts, logic, statistical data and other tools of presentation are used in the main body to validate the essay. Inferences must be made accurately, and materials used as sources of information must be credible and authoritative.
  • Global History of Abortion: You are going to provide a historical overview of abortion in the main body part. Ancient governments can be talked about, whether they allowed abortion as normal practice or how they litigated issues to do with abortion. The history of abortion helps to put your essay into perspective with the world.
  • Contrasting Points of View on Abortion: the topic of abortion is a social hot potato. It elicits heated debates, its complex to discuss, and you are certain to get contrasting viewpoints. In this section of the main body, you present the strongest contrasting opinions.
  • Pro-Life Arguments (Against Abortion): in this segment, discuss exhaustively the viewpoints of those who are against abortion provide credible reasons why they believe so. Discuss the extreme pro-life advocates who don’t allow for exceptions for abortions and also the pro-life believe who recognizes circumstances that can be exempted and hold the mitigating stand on such instances. Present those isolated circumstances.
  • Pro-Choice Arguments (Defend Abortion): here you succinctly provide the reasons why the Pro-choice believers champion in defense for abortion. While pro-life believers’ main point against abortion is that they see an embryo as a human being, the Pro-Choice crusaders have a differing opinion. It’s a discussion based on logic and empirical evidence.
  • Conclusion: In concluding your essay on abortion, it’s important to highlight your main points in the body of the essay. Highlighting these points helps to remind the reader and lays emphasis on what you believe in concerning the topic. It’s in the conclusion where you add more weight to what you stand for, either you are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. The conclusion must be kept as succinct as possible.

This is the basic but fundamental outline of how you can go about your essay on abortion without experiencing any difficulty. Stick to the flow and make a concise, smooth and top-notch quality essay.

Conclusion for Abortion Essay

The conclusion section of abortion essay serves the purpose of recapping the main points that were discussed in the body. The thesis statement is once again mentioned to ensure that the reader remembers what the purpose of the essay was. A short, succinct and well-summarized conclusion is necessary, especially for long essays. Meanwhile, for short essays, the conclusion can be made as a concise review of the main points of argument in the essay.

Writing a captivating and scintillating introduction is crucial; having an elaborate main body packed with facts and logic also makes a robust essay. But the task doesn’t end with the introduction and the main body, the conclusion section of the essay on abortion also demands considerable efforts and investment. It must also come as perfect as you possibly can so that you get the best grades for your college essay assignment

At the conclusion you have the unequivocal chance to make a round-up on your major opinions, connect them intuitively and do a stellar closure on the subject you have been writing about. You must not completely shut down the discussion; you must conclude in a manner that generates continued thinking about the subject.

When you are writing a succinct essay on abortion, you can have a myriad of possible topics that you can choose to write on. You must be careful to choose a topic that will enable you to generate as many points of discussion as possible. Some of the topics that can be used include:

  • Is it right for the government to enforce a law against abortion?
  • Are there certain circumstances where a woman can be granted unmitigated permission to conduct abortion?
  • Is an embryo in a woman’s womb a human being with rights?

In spite of the topic you chose to write on, your conclusion momentum should remain robust and powerful laced with an intuitive message that can be picked from your entire essay. You can have your subject matter put in a larger picture, ventilating possible alternatives and providing possible implications of the subject you are debated upon. Essentially, the conclusion should make an indelible impression on your audience, leaving their tongues wagging and compelling them to conduct more research on the subject.

If you want to be a proficient essay writer, it’s best that you stick to the instructions and advice that you have been given while you plough into more needful materials that can help you sharpen your skills. Your professor may give you an essay on abortion with certain terms and conditions that you must follow; it’s therefore to your benefit that you follow those instructions closely.

Getting the essay structure right is key, and when you conduct researches properly, you will get the necessary tools that can help you get the essay structure right. Through in-depth research, you also widen the scope of your knowledge and understanding while you get the right vocabularies to use when writing an essay on abortion. There is also a need to grasp the proper use of grammar and writing well-composed sentences, all these you can learn from doing thorough research.

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