How to Write Captivating Argumentative Essay

How you pitch your essay argument is key. Whenever you want to convince or influence people, you must know how to argue your case well, either through speech or writing. The way you will present your facts in an argumentative topic matters a lot. And that is why you need to master the art of writing a succinct captivating argumentative essay.

In an argumentative essay writing, students participate in a particular topic through arguments. The students, therefore, research, collect and evaluate the reliable pieces of evidence that will help in supporting the position.

The simple difference between an argumentative and expository essay

While many people easily get mixed up when they are asked to strike the difference between an argumentative essay and expository essay, the truth is both genres are similar except for the fact that argumentative essay needs lengthy and detailed invention and research. Technically, expository essays involve less intense research and are shorter.

For an argumentative essay writing, doing research is key. You have to dig through many published literature to come up with a solid argument. Empirical research is also used in some cases, this is where one is involved in field activities like interviews, conducting surveys, experiments and making detailed observations.

Elements of a Well Written Succinct Argumentative Essay

To make a compelling succinct argumentative essay a student must do a proper evaluation of the problem statement. he/she must extensively gather critical evidence from credible materials, and the writer must use a persuasive tone. The topic used must be of interest and inspire the passion of the audience. Always, ensure your argument comes out compassionately and in a captivating flow.

The experts, therefore, recommend the following elements as key in building a captivating argumentative essay.

The Succinct Argumentative Essay Structure

Before you begin to write an essay, you should provide the general frame of how the essay will look like. So that while building the structure of your essay, you isolate key points. As you put down the main points, keep in mind the details that make the body of the essay. Which means that an essay structure is an important aspect that can’t be ignored. It’s the structure that acts as your guide when you finally write the whole essay.

These are the four sections are involved in any argumentative essay writing:

  1. Introduction paragraph
  2. Body (2 or 3 strong arguments)
  3. The dissenting argument in 1 paragraph
  4. Conclusion

Any writer must remember to focus on supporting the thesis statement without contradicting him/herself. The writer should show that he/she recognizes other dissenting opinions, but he/she politely disagree with them.

The Four Basic Sections

  • Introduction: Just keep it precise and captivating at the introduction. instead, focus on explaining the issues. Mention opposite opinions then conclude the introductory paragraph with a strong thesis statement. Always remember your audience while writing and find a captivating way of persuading them to see why your position on the matter is the best. Don’t forget to be clear and concise with your thesis statement to answer the main question.
  • Body: Using two or three strong arguments provide reasons why your view is the better option. Make your arguments convincing, with reliable facts, credible statistics, real-life examples. You can also make jokes (if accepted). The writer should apply the” if…then” method to connect the reasons with the main position.
  • Dissenting Argument: It’s wise to anticipate for contradictory views that a reader may have against your viewpoint. That is why you need to think of any possible opinions your audience may develop while reading through your argumentative essay.
  • Conclusion: in concluding your argument, you need to remind the reader of the thesis statement. Then sum it up by listing the reasons why the readers should adopt your position on the matter. It’s also important to explain what the reader should do based on your viewpoint against the dissenting views.
  • Keep it Clear, Concise and logical: Make your thesis sentence according to the instruction on the marking rubric. The transition from thesis statement to the main body should flow smoothly. Because a good writer should not lose his/her readers in the argument. Remember that good transitions are important. And without a clear, precise and logically established transition, the argument collapses altogether.


The five-paragraph approach is the commonly used method in succinct argumentative essay writing. However, it’s not the only method though it’s the most straight forward method. The key to writing a captivating argumentative essay is to understand the topic and go out of your way to build a strong argument then present it in a persuasive manner.