How to Write an Essay About Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a controversial drug and writing an essay about can be equally controversial. Medical marijuana has also been rubbished due to these controversies. All around the world, the question of legalizing the drug seems to provoke various debates where there are those who are pro and those that are strongly against the drug altogether. And so even as you write about such a hot topic, you need to remain succinct and factual with the information you have because it’s an argumentative essay.

How to Write an Essay About Medical Marijuana

Brief History of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is also known as hemp; this is a naturally growing plant that has been around for decades since 2697 B.C. during the time when Egyptians used it for medical purposes to cure a lot of common sicknesses. Besides, the Chinese then also used it for therapeutic purposes. Today, marijuana has been legalized to be used in California not only to cure common illnesses but for free use by the citizens.

Legalization of Marijuana

While for decades the drug has been illegal and prohibited in the US, however, this hasn’t stopped the ever-increasing production and consumption of the drug. Therefore, the legalization of marijuana has significantly reduced the burden of regulations that have been levied on hemp. And as much as punitive actions like incarceration and prohibition have been taken on the drug, so far it has failed to shape up the country but has scaled high the various social problems. Various theorist point that prohibition has greatly increased the illegal use of marijuana while incarceration of the users has not helped their lives in any way.

Where prohibition and incarceration have failed to curtail the illegal domestic production and use of marijuana, it’s about time to legalize medical marijuana. Youths have an invincible tendency to be drawn towards that which they are being prohibited from, also known as “forbidden fruit” effect. The US government for over 75 years has tried to prevent the illegal use of marijuana yet more than 25 million people still use it every year. Marijuana happens to be one of the largest cash crops in the US and is still heavily grown both legally and illegally worldwide.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

The significant progress can be made by lifting off the ban on the use of marijuana and begin treating it like other drugs like tobacco and alcohol. With such radical changes, the life of many people can be changed. People who suffer from glaucoma plus those in need antinausea remedy will begin to get their medicines readily available.

Besides, the entire cloud of suspicion around marijuana should be dispensed so that doctors and scientists can delve into deeper studies to find more health benefits of marijuana. However, many people hold a negative view about drugs like marijuana. It’s therefore almost impossible to write or engage in discussing the dangers of using marijuana without being trapped in policy debates.

Medical Marijuana Topic calls for Argumentative writing

When going about argumentative essays, one is required to be precise with explanations and also provide facts to back up the arguments. Argumentative essay writing is common in colleges, and high schools and students are always faced with the challenging feat knowingly or unknowingly. And therefore despite your natural writing talent, as a succinct writer, you will be needed to follow some step to step methods to enable you to establish a robust and quality argumentative writing with great content.

So when writing about a volatile topic as this pertaining to medical and domestic use of marijuana, as a good writer, you must understand that you are writing an argumentative essay. Therefore, you must part with substantive points for defending your lines of thought. The key tools for writing an argumentative essay such as this are statistics, facts, and references. And as the writer, you must come out with a logical explanation as to why your point of view should be the right one.

So even in the topic of medical marijuana, your argument must be based on reliable statistics, facts, and references that will determine whether you support or refute the use of medical marijuana.

This type of writing is very different from persuasive writing. While in argumentative essay writing there is the vivid use of logic, facts and rational innuendos, persuasive writing is entirely about emotional influence and morality. You will not need emotional influence to get people to support the medical use of hemp; you will need to provide succinctly the facts and logic as to your point of view.

How to Outline your Essay on Medical Marijuana

Knowing that you are dealing with an argumentative essay, the pieces of the argumentative paper should be put together. The first paragraph should succinctly consist of an introduction; then the body should have two to three paragraphs and then a succinct conclusion. Basically, all three parts of the essay need to have a unique texture and style. You will need to deeply understand medical marijuana in all spheres in order to pitch a smooth and succinct argumentative essay.

  • Introduction: how you start the argumentative essay on marijuana will be key, and you need to use succinct statements. Use interesting opener that will catch the attention of the readers, something humorous or rhetorical questions can work well. After capturing the reader’s attention, then present the necessary context and the background information. Then it should provide a smooth transition of thoughts to the thesis statement. The thesis statement should come at the last sentence of the introduction; it should provide the focal point to the entire argument in the essay.
  • Body: it comprises of the topic sentence, claim, evidence and concluding statement. The topic sentence basically introduces the main sub-argument. Then you link the main sub-argument to the thesis statement while validating the core message. After which evidence are used to defend the claim then conclude your argument after defending the claim.
  • Conclusion: here, the central message of the essay is restated concisely using an assertive language. Then provide succinct summarization of your sub-arguments, review the main points to remind the reader while giving the argument a closure. Conclude your essay on medical marijuana with a memorable concluding statement. Most preferably, it should be a call to action.