How to Write the Perfect Succinct First Line of an Essay

A perfect, succinct first line of an essay should be captivating and have the ability to capture the interests of your readers. The first sentence of the first paragraph should concisely lead into three or four sentences which describe details of the subject being addressed in the body. These very first sentences should also set the platform for your thesis statement.

The power of a succinct punch line should never be underestimated. It’s that first line of the essay that weaves into the entire fabric of your essay then generates the perfect momentum that will make the readers plunge deeper and deeper into the body of your essay. Making a concise first line is key while also employing the creativity which makes the readers stick to your essay.

Composing a Succinct Introduction Paragraph

It may be a daunting thing to do, but it’s a lot easier to write a perfect concise introduction to your essay after you have finished the first draft of the essay. This gives you the opportunity to gleam and polish your thesis statement while adjusting the necessary parts that need to be honed.

When doing a large writing project, it may be intimidating to succinctly lay the first words down so just begin with writing the other parts of the paper then do the conclusion and introduction later when the entire essay has been organized and compiled.

The following are the key elements of a succinct introductory paragraph:

  • Give a punchy, succinct and catchy first line.
  • Develop an informative introduction that builds through your essay
  • Develop a thesis statement which is investigative making claims that you will need to support or develop on later.

Tips on How to Develop an Unforgettable Succinct Opener

Employ Curiosity Trick

Power of curiosity should not be underestimated when developing a concise but catchy opener for your essay. Curiosity has an effect on the audience; it keeps the readers wanting to know more. However, as much as you employ curiosity as a trick, you should never go for a first-line which is empty and more of clickbait.

How to Write the Perfect Succinct First Line of an Essay
What next?

Provide Facts

This is a very important part of succinct writing, especially for science and research-based essays. Provide agreeable statistics without hyping facts. Well and concisely presented facts in the opening paragraph of an essay helps to make your paper suitable and succinct.

An opener like, “A Marriage and Family life survey of 2018 holds that 62% of men in the US are more abused in marriages because of their poor sexual habit.” This opener grabs the attention of readers, especially from the US. Such an opener thrives on a serious tone, has statistics and convinces a reader that the essay is succinctly written addressing a real problem.

Give the Essay Succinct Focus

The task doesn’t end with introducing the topic; the first line of the essay must also drive the reader towards the central issue being addressed in the essay. You can throw in some few questions that lead to your idea and the answers you will provide to questions basically form the idea. It’s equally possible to make your thesis statement precise. Or you can do both that is, ask a question upon which you will argue your point then provide succinct answers and also deliver your essay thesis statement in a concise format.

Locate and Control Readers

In your essay discussion, you must orient your readers by providing sufficient details, information and succinctly presented explanations so that the readers understand. Controlling your readers is important in the entire essay as much as it is important in the beginning. If you lose your readers, they quit reading the essay altogether.

Ask Questions

Remain as succinct as possible, supply the necessary information that helps to drive your readers maybe by asking some basic provocative questions. Asking some rhetorical questions prompt readers to think. Those simply posed questions can be relevant in helping you create a headway to the thesis. Starting off with questions is quite a succinct and effective way to develop attention-grabbing essay line. Get creative and make the essay concisely delivered and effective in terms of audience.


In case you have a quote which will have an effect on your readers then it’s appropriate to use it. A well-written essay must have a succinct first paragraph well packaged and using quotes that are interesting, relevant and simple to understand can help you underscore your goal. Keep it succinct and interesting without confusing the readers.

Use of Anecdote/Humor

Effectively written essay mostly open with some humorous style, jokes or riddles which have relevance to the theme. These styles when employed help to ease the tension of reading longer essays while driving in the point. Humor and anecdotes are semi-formal styles which provide a wide entry to various topics.

A well-presented opener and succinctly written first line of an essay are important as it enables the readers to either continue reading your essay or drop it.

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